23 March 2011

only a matter of time

Sorry for the long absence again... I have a huge lack of time and inspiration for blogging. Maybe I'll find my muse again in April. We'll see!
Since yesterday I am officially finished with school. I had my verbal exam (which was nothing but a mess). Wow. That was so awkward. But the good thing is that we're gonna party the next four days! Tonight, tomorrow, Friday... And Saturday is PROM! I'll show you some nice pictures of my outfit and Karl, who looks more than ever like my prince in his suit.

xx Katie

P.S. Pretty picture via weheartit.

09 March 2011

i just got a package

I came from My-Wardrobe... And guess what's inside it? Right. The Mulberry Alexa!! Can you guess how happy I am? My parents got it for my because I passed my Abitur. My Mum fell in love with this gorgeous little leather thing, too, and got herself the Mini version of the Alexa which is very cute. And it would look so good with my prom outfit...
By the way, the card says: "Congratulations! I'm yours now.".

And yesterday my Mum and I went to Mainz to do a little shopping (I'll soon show you my finds...) and to catch up my Dad from the airport in Frankfurt.

xx Katie

Mulberry Alexa Bag / Jacket – Abercrombie&Fitch / Lace Dress – Bershka / Boots – Fiorentini+Baker / Glasses – Ray Ban

P.S. I don't know but the outfit actually looked better. I am just not able to present an outfit well. Worst poser ever! Sorry for that.

03 March 2011


This is my 101st post! I did not notice that the last one was post number 100.
I want to thank all the lovely people who read and like my blog. A huge THANK YOU to you.

xx Katie

P.S. I re-edited these pictures of my lovely cat Kiara. I hope you like this version

01 March 2011


It's a wonderful week.
Well, what you do not see on the picture above is that I'm wearing my new ABI Hoodie. That is because I was told yesterday that I do not need more points in the verbal exam to pass my Abitur which means... I GOT IT! Tomorrow's my very last day in my school and tonight we're gonna celebrate. Isn't that just awesome?

xx Katie

P.S. Looking at my heart on weheart it makes me realize how much I adore photography, cats, Paris, long hair, vintage and cute&pretty things!
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