31 January 2011

out in the fields part 2

On saturday, my bestie Janica and I went to do a little photo shoot. It was freaking cold and I couldn't feel my fingers anymore after we were done. But it was a lot of fun anyway! :)
I'd like to show you some of the photographs I took. Enjoy!

27 January 2011

time for creativity

I just got two wonderful new books!
First: "Mach diese Buch fertig". It's the German version of "Wreck This Journal". And I totally love it. It's sometimes not that easy... Treating a book like this is kind of hard but still: so much fun! I already love it.
I'll show you the result when I totally wrecked it! ;)

The other one is a weekly diary of "Listography". You make a list every week. Like "List the places you like to visit", "List you summer to do's", "List ten people you find fascinating" etc. It'll be so much fun! And when 2011 is over, I'll have my whole year in lists! Don't you think that's wonderful?
And besides that wonderful fact, the layout is very cute. So it's not only a great way to be creative, it's also pretty to look at!

21 January 2011

time to live again!

The tests are finally over! I do not have to write anything ever again in this school!
We partied a little after we were done with today's test. The picture is by my friend Beccy (on the right). The other two gorgeous ladies are Katja and Bunny. <3
Thanks Beccy for the picture!

09 January 2011

breakfast at "heiliggeist"

I spent a wonderful weekend in Mainz with Karl and my parents.
We had breakfast today in the "Heiliggeist" and I just have to tell you about it! It used to be a church but they made it a restaurant/bar/café. The atmosphere inside is simply wonderful and the food tastes really delicious! If you happen to visit Mainz one day I highly recommend you to go there!
I made a few pictures:

I had the "Paris Breakfast", a Bagel and a coffee. Loved it.

Karl's enjoying his coffee.

07 January 2011

testing toy camera

Just trying out this wonderful program Toy Camera...

The first picture shows my Daddy's old camera equipment. Isn't it crazy? The camera is a Canon AE-1 (people say it's the best Canon camera ever). He's got everything. Tons of filters, a fish eye lens, a macro lens, a 1:1 lens... Everything! He showed me some of his old photos... I have to say, I am completely impressed by his unbelievable talent. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner or something to show you his work. Maybe I'll find a way to digitalize them!

The other two pictures are just me looking like crap. This whole graduation thing really drives me insane.

i'd like to go to australia these days

And you wanna know why?
Because of this gorgeous magazine I just found:

It's a magazine about everything I love. Fashion, Music, Art, Culture as a whole... and many things more. They describe themselves as "an australian magazine that’s as smart, funny, sarcastic, friendly, cute, rude, arty, curious and caring as you are."
Their layout is simply lovely and I can tell you one thing: I have completely fallen in love with frankie magazine.
I think I will order it to Germany so I can really hold in in my hands, rummage a little bit in it...
A sad thing is that I was too late to order their wonderful frankie diary 2011 which would actually be the perfect daily journal for me! Well, shit happens, right?
You should definitely take a look!

02 January 2011

Hello, 2011!

There it is. 2011. Hopefully, It's gonna be even better than 2010. For me it's quite a big year. I'll graduate this year, start studying, new Musical production...
Well, I hope all of you had a wonderful New Years Eve! <3
Let me just show you a few snapshots of the firework my friends made.