30 June 2011


There it finally is. My iPhone 4, which I desired for more than a year (do you remember?). It was quite a drama to get it. I had a little intermezzo with a HTC Sensation which actually was a really nice and pretty phone but 1. it didn't work properly and 2. I am and forever will be a huge Apple fan. Another thing was that I'm using a MacBook and there is no sync program for Mac that works with Android. So I went to our local Telekom store and got myself this shiny new iPhone 4. I used a 3GS before, so it's not really that new.

And of course I want to protect my new Baby. That's why I ordered that cute pink bumper from Malumpera.de. They have pretty nice stuff for iPhones and iPads. So if you use any of that, stop by and take a look!

And now about my blog. You see, I have a new template but I'm actually not really satisfied yet.. I just have the problem that I have NO IDEA how to get my old one back. I guess, my lovely Karl needs to help me out with that.

Another thing. My beautiful friend Tenni just started a new blog. Take a look!

xx Katie

EDIT: I just brought everything back to a simple template by Blogger. I guess, that's a better base for everything else. Still, if some of you know a good site for nice blogger templates, just let me know!

17 June 2011

waiting sucks

Doing nothing is really starting to piss me off. I applied to some universities and now I have to wait for their response. It really sucks because I just want to know what directions my life takes.
We'll see.

A little while ago I annoyed my cat again and these photos are some of the ones I took. She's my favorite model, haha.

Another thing. Guys, I need your help. My blog definitely needs a make over. I'm thinking about a new look and maybe a new hoster. I have no idea how to achieve that, so... Do you have any tips? Maybe a nice hoster? Or maybe you want to tell me what you dislike about my Blog!

xx Katie