31 December 2011

showing around my christmas presents while saying goodbye to 2011


So this is 2011, right? It has been a wonderful year with a whole lot of big changes in my life. 2012 is promising to be even better, for I'm planning on visiting 3 of the biggest cities in the world: Paris, London (for the first time! anyone up for a little meeting?), New York. Karl and I may finally find a flat and live together and I'll be in the middle of my studies at Uni Siegen. Sounds quite exciting, doesn't it?

I got some really really lovely christmas presents and I love them so much that I just have to show them to you!

This is what Karl got me. I freaked out. It's the whole Harry Potter series on Blu-Ray in this most awesome wooden box with the Eldar wand on top. There were only 4000 of them and Karl really got one.

This is what my parents got me. A pretty, golden Fossil watch. I love it and I think it suits me so well. I feel twice as pretty when ever I wear it.

This is what my godfather, his wife and his daughter, who's at the same time my goddaughter's mum, got me. The Harry Potter books in English! Hardcover and in a pretty box. Now I can finally read them how they were originally written. I only owned them in German so far.

And these books I got from Karls family. It's "The Vintage Tea Party Book" (if you read the most wonderful WishWishWish, you know it), "Der perfekte Kleiderschrank" (translated: The perfect closet) by Nina Garcia, a Cupcake Decoration Set and a Cupcake recipe book (you cannot see it, sorry).

And my sister got my a lovely make-up bag, a necklace and a sculpture named "The Dancer". I didn't take photos of these ones. I actually don't know why. Maybe I will later on. We'll see.

And this is it. The last post for 2011. Thank you for reading this blog and I hope I'll see you again next year. Have a wonderful New Year's Eve tonight! And don't forget to watch "Sherlock" tomorrow. I have to wait until Monday. It will be hard to avoid Twitter tomorrow night if I don't want to read any spoilers, won't it?

I love you.

xx Katie

EDIT:P.S. The very first picture shows what I wore New Year's Eve.

10 November 2011

a market like me

I promised you a new post and here it is!
A market like me is a weird title, I know. But I just wanted to show you some picture of the Katharinenmarkt. A market in a little town near me which has my name. ;) When I was a child I actually did think that it was named after me. You can get pretty much everything there. Really everything.

There are some big changes coming here. And friend and I are complete redesigning my blog (I know. For the 1823489348634628th time... but I'm still not satisfied. You know, I'm a perfectionist.) and these changes are actually so big that I am thinking about creating a completely new blog!
Now my question for you is... What would you prefer? A totally new thing? Would you follow me over to a new blog? Or should I keep this one, just completely different? I don't know what I'll do yet. Maybe I'll listen to you. ;)
Pleas let me know! Write your opinion in a comment or just answer the poll on the right side.
Thank you so much!

Ich habe euch einen neuen Post versprochen und hier ist er!
Ein Markt wie ich ist ein seltsamer Titel, ich weiß. Aber ich wollte euch ein paar Bilder vom Katharinenmarkt zeigen. Ein Markt in einer kleinen Stadt hier in der Nähe, der meinen Namen trägt! ;) Als ich ich ein Kind war dachte ich wirklich, dass er nach mir benannt ist. Jedenfalls kriegt man dort alles. Wirklich alles. 

Es wird hier bald große Veränderungen geben. Eine Freundin und ich designen meinen Blog komplett neu (Ich weiß. Zum 1823489348634628ten Mal... aber ich bin immer noch nicht zufrieden. Ihr müsst wissen, ich bin eine Perfektionistin.) und diese Veränderungen sind so groß, dass ich darüber nachdenke, einen komplett neuen Blog zu eröffnen! 
Meine Frage an euch ist nun... Was wäre euch lieber? Etwas ganz neues? Würdet ihr mir zu einem neuen Blog folgen? Oder sollte ich diesen behalten, nur völlig anders? Ich weiß noch nicht, was ich machen soll. Vielleicht höre ich ja sogar auf euch. ;)
Bitte lasst mich wissen, was ihr denkt! Schreibt das ganze einfach in einen Kommentar oder beantwortet die Umfrage auf der rechten Seite.
Vielen Dank!

xx Katie

06 November 2011

This is a test

Well, hi!

This is a test post from the Blogger iPhone App.
I am so sorry for the huge lack of posting but I've been very busy with university and the musical production.
I am so sad that this time is over but now I can totally focus on university.

A real new post soon! Promise!

xx Katie

20 September 2011

i got news

Well, hello! Here are three things I wanted to show you.

1. My gorgeous new frankie Diary 2012! It was in the mail today. Hooray! I was too late to get one for 2011, so when I got the email that the 2012 Diary is ready to pre-order, I just had to do that immediately. I'm so glad I'll have frankie loveliness every single day next year.

2. My wonderful steampunk style necklace. A friend of mine made it especially for me, so it's very unique! I actually have it for a few weeks now I wore it almost every day. It's absolutely lovely! You can order one, too. Just write here an email with what exactly you want to: Lanue@ymail.com. I am sure she can do it for you. A necklace with a clock like mine is for €25. And check out her deviantART gallery, too. She has some more of her Steampunk Jewellery listed there.

3. My pretty new purse. My beloved old Louis Vuitton is really really wonderful, I know. But it's too small. It was bursting, really. So I got myself this nice one by Fossil.

Yes, what you see there inside my new purse, that white and blue little piece of paper, is my student ID. I got accepted at the University of Siegen! Siegen is a little town about an hour away from where I live. It's where we play our musical in a month, too!
My course is called Literature, Culture, Media Studies and I chose the the linguistic main focus English and German. Everything starts in three weeks and I am already very excited about it. Some of my best friends study there, too, so I won't be totally lost the first weeks.

I have to go now, my second ballet lesson is waiting for me! :)

xx Katie

29 August 2011

a lot of sand

Well, I'm back from Holland and it was wonderful. I actually didn't take that much photos because the beach was very crowded most of the time and the inside of our house was so messy that I didn't dare taking pictures of it, haha. I had a great time, even though the weather could have been better. We actually were quite an attraction on the beach for the guys digged a 3m deep hole on the first day (no kidding. they had a hard time getting out of it) or tried to build a island. Yes, they are insane but that's exactly why I love my nerdy friends.

Ich bin zurück aus Holland und es war wundervoll. Ich hab gar nicht so viele Fotos gemacht, weil am Strand meistens mega viel los war und im Haus so ein Chaos herrschte, dass ich davon keine Bilder machen wollte! Ich hatte wirklich eine großartige Zeit, auch wenn das Wetter hätte besser sein können. Wir waren am Strand immer eine Attraktion, weil die Jungs am ersten Tag ein 3m tiefes Loch gebuddelt haben (Kein Scherz. Sie kamen fast nicht mehr raus) oder versucht haben, eine Insel aufzuschütten. Ja, sie haben den Verstand verloren aber genau deshalb liebe ich meine nerdigen Freunde.

xx Katie

Our house.

The nerdlings at the beach.

Of course we took the cliche silhouette on the beach photos.

Ooops, my boobs look huge in this. They're a lot smaller. Looks so weird.

My love.

They all had a massive sunburn. I didn't. I was a smart girl and put on sun protector, haha.

I didn't edit this one. The light really was this wonderful.

18 August 2011

can't wait to see the sea again

It's time again. Tomorrow I'm going with some friends to Holland for a few days. I am so looking forward to chilling on the beach and reading a good book (Currently "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. It's amazing).

By the way, I just recently discovered "Sherlock" and it blew me away. I cannot stop talking about it and I love the fact that the websites like Watsons Blog really exist. With comments and all. The orchestration (is that a word?) is awesome. The characters are great and the actors who play them are just perfect. I am in love with this amazing series and yes, I know, I'm late, haha.

Es wird mal wieder Zeit. Morgen fahre ich mit ein paar Freunden für ein paar Tage nach Holland. Ich freue mich schon so sehr darauf, am Strand zu gammeln und ein gutes Buch zu lesen (Aktuell "American Gods" von Neil Gaiman. Es ist unglaublich.)

Ich habe übrigens neulich die Serie "Sherlock" entdeckt und bin hin und weg. Das hat mich völlig umgehauen. Ich kann einfach nicht aufhören, davon zu sprechen (nicht wahr, Janica?) und ich liebe die Tatsache, dass die Websites wie Watsons Blog wirklich existieren. Mit Kommentaren und allem drum und dran. Herrlich inszeniert. Die Charaktere sind großartig und die Schauspieler sind auch einfach perfekt. Ich liebe diese großartige Serie.

xx Katie

photos via Google.

28 July 2011

what a delicious day

I spent yesterday with Sina (We're friends since kindergarden. Did I ever tell you about her?) in Cologne! It was really really wonderful, even though I spent too much money. We drank too much coffee (damn you, adorable Starbucks!) and did not eat enough but nevertheless, it was really nice day. We strolled around a few shops like Accessorize, H&M and more but our main goals were a cute little café named Royal Cupcakes where you can eat the most delicious cupcakes in the whole world and an also cute little shop called Törtchen Törtchen where you can buy those adorable macarons! I know, they're not Ladurée but still, they're wonderful. If you live in or near Cologne I highly recommend you to visit those places. I bought some nice things. You can see them on a picture further down.

Gestern war ich mit Sina (Wir sind Freunde seit dem Kindergarten. Hab ich euch je von ihr erzählt?) in Köln! Es war ganz wundervoll, auch wenn ich zu viel Geld ausgegeben habe. Wir haben viel zu viel Kaffee getrunken (Sei verflucht, Starbucks!) und dabei zu wenig gegessen aber nichtsdestotrotz war es ein sehr schöner Tag. Wir sind durch einige Geschäfte gestromert, aber unsere Hauptziele waren ein süßes kleines Café mit dem Namen Royal Cupcakes, wo man einfach die besten Cupcakes der Welt essen kann, und ein süßer kleiner Laden namens Törtchen Törtchen, wo man diese fabelhaften Macarons kaufen kann! Ich weiß, sie sind nicht von Ladurée aber trotzdem wundervoll. Wenn ihr in oder nahe Köln wohnt, geht da mal hin! Das empfehle ich euch wärmstestestens. Ich hab auch ein paar nette Dinge erstanden. Die seht ihr weiter unten auf einem Bild.

xx Katie

Some street musicians. They played the Summer of The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. It was beautiful.

Macarons from Törtchen Törtchen, €25 App Store Card, Top and Skirt from American Apparel, Jacket from H&M

26 July 2011

finally, the prom photos

There they finally are. The photos of Karl and me in our Prom outfits. I still don't have all the photos but I was tired of waiting and decided to post the photos I have!
They're taken by Thorsten Kohlhaas.
The dress I'm wearing is from ModCloth. I absolutely love their shop and I was so glad that I finally(using that word a lot in this post, haha) had a reason to order something. I also got my shoes from there which you unfortunately cannot see on the pictures. I love this dress. I want to wear it again but there is no occasion coming up. So sad!

In two weeks I'll finally know where I'll go to university. I'm sick and tired of waiting and doing nothing! Besides that, Karl and I are looking for a flat or little house which turned out to be way more difficult than we expected. We cannot find anything. Well, you see, these months are pretty live changing! I'll keep you updated.

xx Katie

P.S. I've been thinking about writing this blog in English AND German. German is my mother tongue and I feel like I should pay a little respect by writing in it, too. What do you think?