26 February 2010

Be comfortable...

...totally casual.
Cardigan by ZARA and dress by Review.

Nothing else to say.

25 February 2010


Well, the show yesterday was pretty cool! Wanna see some pics? My mom took some photos and I got red eyes on every single one but just don't be disturbed by it.
Stage Make Up. It looks very much like a doll.

Chicago! All That Jazz.

24 February 2010

Spring awakening

Spring is finally arriving! Isn't it wonderful? The snow's melting amazingly fast and I think I've never been happier to see simple grass!
I like what I'm wearing today. Let me show you.

I am completely dressed in H&M. Jeggings, Top and short Cardigan (which I actually stole from my mom's closet).
The cardigan is so sweet! There are many little pearls on it. See!

Isn't that just cute? I edited it a little bit. The original color is brighter.

Well, I promised you to tell you what I think of Twilight and Avatar.
Let's stark with Avatar. I actually liked it which surprised me. The story is totally boring. I mean I could watch Pocahontas. That's essentially shorter and I love it. The effects are great and I loved how they move! That looked amazing. All in all not the best movie ever. No way. But pretty nice.
Well, yes. Twilight. I loved the book. I really did. And as soon as I saw who should play the Cullen's, it was over. It's pretty much the WORST CAST EVER! Edward is just... Why, I hate Pattinson. Jasper is just ugly. But OMG Rosalie! She is supposed to be the prettiest, what am I saying, the most beautiful person in the universe! But her actress looks like a playmate. Cheap. Ugly. I actually think, the perfect Rose would have been the wonderful Blake Lively.

!Just look at her! She is more than beautiful!
Well, I didn't like the movie at all. And the fans drive me crazy. I start hating the books as well because I am so annoyed of this fucking hype about it.
A pity. It really is a pity!

BUT I am so looking forward to Nine, which is a wonderful musical movie and especially Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND! I can't wait to see it.. Next week? Great.

Tonight I have a show. M!K promotion. I didn't sing and dance for a long time and it feels kind of strange doing a show again tonight. Well, we'll see!

23 February 2010

Without words

Well, almost without words. I am a little tired today and not in the mood to write that much.

Just imagine it's rotated.

20 February 2010

11 in the morning

Salut! Well, I finally took a photo of my cape which you probably already know.
It's so warm and nice. I love it.

And I took a picture of one of my outfits from dinner in Sonnenalp! Like I promised. Hope you like it!I wear a shirt by Tommy Hilfiger, a pencil skirt by Marc Cain, my beloved UGG Boots and my even more beloved Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM. I like that outfit pretty much so I hope, you too!

Well, I finally watched Avatar and Twilight. I'll tell you later what I think about them. I gotta go now. Musical rehearsal ;)

18 February 2010

Back to fake leather

I found something nice. My leather leggins. Well, my fake leather leggins. I think I got them from Tina's Modetreff in Hachenburg! Must say, they got pretty items there!

The blue top's by H&M. I don't know where I got the vest.
And the shoes are my beloved ankle boots by Paul Green.

Wow, I got my first hype yesterday! I am so proud. Well, it's not much and I probably won't get so much more but nevertheless I am proud!

17 February 2010

It was so wonderful! Well, there isn't much to say because we chilled most of the time at the swimming pool but nevertheless it was a great weekend.
The weather was perfect and you just HAVE to see the view!

That's pretty amazing, isn't it?
I saw so many wonderful Outfits there but unfortunately I did not have the time to take photos of mine. Karl and I were always too late for dinner and that's why we couldn't make it.
But I'll wear them again here and take pictures! :)

But I have a wonderful new cape! Watch it:

My love Karl and me :)
The cape's by Mellomax.

I am at LOOKBOOK.nu! I am so happy about it. I posted only one look yet if you are there, please hype if you like it :)

And now I'm gonna do some sports. Have a nice day!

11 February 2010

Time to leave

WEEKEND! Finally. I am so happy. Because of carnival we all have no school until next Thursday! It's absolutely wonderful 'cause my parents, my love Karl and I are going to beautiful Bavaria. There's this gorgeous hotel named "Sonnenalp" which is probably the best hotel ever. People have sense in style and fashion there! ;)
Maybe I'll tell you what I saw there.

Maybe I'll wear that one evening:

I have to admit, I don't know where I got the dress and the vest. But I hope you like it anyway!

I have two new bags!
A nice clutch bag by Picard ...

and a wonderful big bag by Jost...

I'll take that one for school.

Well, I have to start packing know! When I am back I'll tell you everything interesting. Promise!
Oh, and I will tell you what I think about the much discussed movie "Avatar".

09 February 2010

Looking like a man

You know, when I saw harem pants for the first time I didn't really know what to think about'em. But I soon fell in love with them and actually found nice ones at MANGO.
I teamed with two shirts by ZARA.
I hope you like it!

08 February 2010

Something sweet

Next week's my godchild's birthday.
She is a little princess and absolutely looooves everything having anything to do with that. Well, I found something so lovely for her!

Isn't it lovely and cute and wonderful? As you can see, this is a muffin. You can open the zipper and put things in it.
I would keep it myself. She's lucky to get it!

05 February 2010

Skirt it, Chérie!

I just found two lovely skirts in my closet which I had totally forgotten!

This pencil skirt is by Marc Cain. I bought it together with my mum.
I think it was in Cologne, Peek&Cloppenburg? I think so.
It's a pity that I forgot this piece. I think,
it's a very pretty skirt.

The blouse is by ZARA - Basics. I d
on't remember when I bought it, actually.

And again, my mum's belt.

Unfortunately, you can't see my shoes. They're nice ankle boots by Paul Green.

There is the belt again! :D

This cute skirt is by ZARA - Collection. The Top is by H&M.

I know the picture is pretty small but you can see everything you need, don't you?

My beloved parents just returned from their trip to Egypt and they brought me a new perfume! I wanted it for so long and now I have it!

A dress reminding me of a cupcake

I love that dress.
It's not as white as it seems on this picture, more rosy, gray - totally nude!
I found it a bit ago in Mainz in a wonderful MANGO Shop and it was love on the first sight!
The belt is about 20 years old! :D My mum once gave it to me when I said that I loved it. She said she doesn't want to have it anyway. Good for me!

I finally watched "Sherlock Holmes" and I have to say, that movie did surprise me! The story was very interesting and eminently good were the details. It was pretty much fun watching it. The movie's directed by Guy Ritchie. I knew he was a director but I never watched one of his movies before! I mean, he was Madonna's husband. Nothing more.
Robert Downey Jr. did a great job as Sherlock Holmes. I liked the way he played him - totally fucked up and somehow weird but nevertheless a brilliant detective. Jude Law convinced me again. He played Watson. Very very interesting was the role of Lord Blackwood. He was the "bad guy" and he did that very very well. He was of such authority. Great.
Another fabulous point is the soundtrack! Hans Zimmer and aome Irish Folk songs - wonderful combination!
This movie's worth watching it!

04 February 2010

Like being pushed into cold water

Hello Sweethearts!
Verfolge meinen Blog mit Bloglovin

This is my actual first entry and I just want to introduce myself.

My Name is Katie, I am 17 years old and I am totally mad about culture! Fashion, music, movies, language. And that is what this blog should be about!

I live in Germany, to be more exact: in Rheinland-Pfalz.
The village I live in is probably the most boring place in this whole world but I grew up here and love it anyway.

Unfortunately the next more or less big cities (is being Koblenz,Mainz Cologne) are at least an hour away. By car.

My absolutely all-time-favorite band is MUSE. I love their music. It's perfect for every mood and I love british music anyway. Furthermore I love love love Musical. I am obsessed with that Genre and I am absolutely sure that there can be no greater holistic artwork.
Lately I am addicted to The Pretty Reckless which is Taylor Momsen's band. There is no album yet but the music you can hear on YouTube is simply great. Love it.

When it comes to music you can always get me with movies made by the master of morbid, contrasts and beauty : Tim Burton! So I am totally looking forward to "Alice in Wonderland" with the perfect Mad Hatter Johnny Depp and furthermore Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hatherway and more.

Well, now I come to one of my biggest obsessions: Gossip Girl. I love everytging about this show. new York, the fashion, the stories, everything. Blake Lively (alias Serena van der Woodsen) is probably one of the most beautiful women of the world.

Yeah well that's it for today.