25 July 2010

where the beautiful are

California! I love this state. The weather is awesome for it's not too hot but still sunny. It's really like you would expect bit to be. With palm trees on the street, the ocean and everything. Karl and I stay here withmy cousin Mike, his girlfriend Noelani and their crazy dog Foxy Brown who likes to eat my pants, my shoes and my feet. They live in a sweet little house with a huge palmtree in front of it. San Diego is awesome. It's very chilled and nice and beautiful. And so far I've seen the most beautiful and styliszh people here (yes here, not NY) which surprised me.
Yesterday we had dinner in some Mexican restaurant and today we'll have BBQ.
I was shopping in a Mall called Fashion Valley. It's a little bit like the City Galerie in Siegen, only waaayyy bigger and Open Air. Awesome.
Than we had lunch in Little Italy.
Tomorrow is beach time!

22 July 2010

rain me a river

Yes, it's really hot here. And yes, a little rain is awesome. But yesterdayit rained so much that the street turned into a river. You'll see it on the photos.
Before this apocalypse we were at the Seven Falls! It was very nice. There were plenty of chipmunks! Awesome.
And today we saw the huge Royal Gorge Bridge which was pretty amazing.
Karl got me a wonderful Claddagh ring today! It's an old irish sign for love, friendship and loyalty.
Here are the pictures!

I still want to have one.

20 July 2010

up in the sky

We're in Colorado! Saturday morning we left lovely New York City and arrived in Colorado Springs where we are visiting my aunt Lu, my uncle Charlie and two days my cousin Sonja and her boyfriend Jason.
It's awesome! On Saturday we went to the movies to watch "Inception" which was AWESOME! Well yesterday we were at the Garden of the Gods and today we went up 14100 feet on Pikes Peak. That was amazing. The view up there is so wonderful.
By the way, I am making a lot of pictures of clouds. I got the feeling that the clouds in America are more beautiful than in Germany. Well, whatever.
Enjoy the pictures!

If you have any questions concerning the pictures, feel free to ask! :)

17 July 2010

I'm leaving today. I wanna be a part of it. NY, NY

I don't wanna leave. We had awesome last three days in Manhattan (and maybe an hour in Brooklyn which was pretty awesome) with a lot of shopping (A&F, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Victoria's Secret, American Apparel, Macy's...). I could have spent 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Dollars because there were so many shops with beautiful things. But there are still three citys left and I cannot spend my whole money in New York.
Yesterday I finally met Elle. That was very very nice for she is such a cute and pretty person.

Here are some photos again. I took a loooooot more but they are way too much to show.

Dress and little cardigan by...forgot the name... shoes by Bass.

I'll be back. That's a promise.