20 September 2011

i got news

Well, hello! Here are three things I wanted to show you.

1. My gorgeous new frankie Diary 2012! It was in the mail today. Hooray! I was too late to get one for 2011, so when I got the email that the 2012 Diary is ready to pre-order, I just had to do that immediately. I'm so glad I'll have frankie loveliness every single day next year.

2. My wonderful steampunk style necklace. A friend of mine made it especially for me, so it's very unique! I actually have it for a few weeks now I wore it almost every day. It's absolutely lovely! You can order one, too. Just write here an email with what exactly you want to: Lanue@ymail.com. I am sure she can do it for you. A necklace with a clock like mine is for €25. And check out her deviantART gallery, too. She has some more of her Steampunk Jewellery listed there.

3. My pretty new purse. My beloved old Louis Vuitton is really really wonderful, I know. But it's too small. It was bursting, really. So I got myself this nice one by Fossil.

Yes, what you see there inside my new purse, that white and blue little piece of paper, is my student ID. I got accepted at the University of Siegen! Siegen is a little town about an hour away from where I live. It's where we play our musical in a month, too!
My course is called Literature, Culture, Media Studies and I chose the the linguistic main focus English and German. Everything starts in three weeks and I am already very excited about it. Some of my best friends study there, too, so I won't be totally lost the first weeks.

I have to go now, my second ballet lesson is waiting for me! :)

xx Katie