06 March 2010

be causual

Well, hello!

Yesterday was a nice day. I went to Krone Keller with Janica and Philisa and it was pretty much fun! I wore something totally casual but I liked it.

The top is by H&M.
And there are my beloved new Converse Chucks Lite Version in brown leather.

By the way!
Together with Bunny I was at my first concert of the wonderful Emilie Autumn and her Bloody Crumpets! I totally loved it. The show was simply AMAZING and I didn't really where to look first because everyone of them was beautiful (especially the wonderful wonderful wonderful Aprella!) and totally mad(especially Captain Maggot!). It was just awesome and I want to see that many times more!

This is Aprella.

This is EA.

And this is Maggot.

Another Crumpet was Veronia Varlow (who is probably the most erotic women in this world) and Contessa. She is just so funny!

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