23 February 2011

4 things i desire very desperately

There are some things I am literally craving for. Just let me show you some of them. I found all the pictures on weheartit, a site I totally fell in love with. You can follow my heart if you like and see my inspirations!

(1.) Being a really great photographer. Digital and analogue. Make it my job. Just being perfect at it.

(2.) A cute little pug which I love and which loves me.

(3.) Insanely long hair. Like her. Same colour, same length. Her hair is so perfect.

(4.) Mulberry Alexa. Because it's the most beautiful bag ever.

Okay, now I'm depressed. Are there some things YOU desire so much that it almost hurts?


  1. Such a brilliant site, and some great choices! You've made me depressed as well... still bloody lusting after the Alexa! x

  2. I like the bag and the dog is cute! :)