27 January 2011

time for creativity

I just got two wonderful new books!
First: "Mach diese Buch fertig". It's the German version of "Wreck This Journal". And I totally love it. It's sometimes not that easy... Treating a book like this is kind of hard but still: so much fun! I already love it.
I'll show you the result when I totally wrecked it! ;)

The other one is a weekly diary of "Listography". You make a list every week. Like "List the places you like to visit", "List you summer to do's", "List ten people you find fascinating" etc. It'll be so much fun! And when 2011 is over, I'll have my whole year in lists! Don't you think that's wonderful?
And besides that wonderful fact, the layout is very cute. So it's not only a great way to be creative, it's also pretty to look at!


  1. Oh man, both these are brilliant. I absolutely love making lists (haha, what a loser) and so this Listography sounds like a dream to me... may have to get it myself! x

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