30 June 2011


There it finally is. My iPhone 4, which I desired for more than a year (do you remember?). It was quite a drama to get it. I had a little intermezzo with a HTC Sensation which actually was a really nice and pretty phone but 1. it didn't work properly and 2. I am and forever will be a huge Apple fan. Another thing was that I'm using a MacBook and there is no sync program for Mac that works with Android. So I went to our local Telekom store and got myself this shiny new iPhone 4. I used a 3GS before, so it's not really that new.

And of course I want to protect my new Baby. That's why I ordered that cute pink bumper from Malumpera.de. They have pretty nice stuff for iPhones and iPads. So if you use any of that, stop by and take a look!

And now about my blog. You see, I have a new template but I'm actually not really satisfied yet.. I just have the problem that I have NO IDEA how to get my old one back. I guess, my lovely Karl needs to help me out with that.

Another thing. My beautiful friend Tenni just started a new blog. Take a look!

xx Katie

EDIT: I just brought everything back to a simple template by Blogger. I guess, that's a better base for everything else. Still, if some of you know a good site for nice blogger templates, just let me know!


  1. Awww bist du süß mich hier zu betiteln <3

    Und du bist und bleibst ein kleines Markenschweinchen mein Baby.

    Rendez vous auf der Ani? Oder schaffst du es nicht?

  2. Oh man, I'm jealous... just recently started wanting an iPhone; this post hasn't helped!

    In regards to your comment - definitely check out some Morrissey! :) He's best known from 80s band The Smiths:



  3. Beautiful pictures, your blog is wonderful, we love and are going.
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    A great weekend

  4. i so want an iPhone! yours looks so good :( xx

  5. Oh I so so want one! Just finding it hard to justify it to myself.

  6. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! <3


  7. Your blog is so great, each post inspirational :) I like you style, so lovely.

    I became a follower!


    come see mine:

  8. why was your Sensation not working well? i bet HTC is better than Apple ;)

    anyway congrats om getting your desired phone! xx