17 June 2011

waiting sucks

Doing nothing is really starting to piss me off. I applied to some universities and now I have to wait for their response. It really sucks because I just want to know what directions my life takes.
We'll see.

A little while ago I annoyed my cat again and these photos are some of the ones I took. She's my favorite model, haha.

Another thing. Guys, I need your help. My blog definitely needs a make over. I'm thinking about a new look and maybe a new hoster. I have no idea how to achieve that, so... Do you have any tips? Maybe a nice hoster? Or maybe you want to tell me what you dislike about my Blog!

xx Katie


  1. CUTE CAT! And oh man, I hate waiting around. I'm currently waiting for the Tax Man to get back to me, which is annoying. I can't imagine waiting for something life-changing university responses... I'd go insane. Good luck!

    About your blog - just a heads up, and it might just be me, but I'm having a hard time posting this comment because I can't quite get to the word verification bit! The scroll bar isn't about! x

  2. She's my big fat, but lovely diva ;) And thanks about the luck wishing! I really hope, I'll get an answer soon. I actually AM going insane.

    Thanks for your feedback! I'm not really happy with this one but I somehow can't manage to get back to the one I had before.. :/ I'm totally lost when it comes to IT stuff... I hope my boyriend can help out. He's a nerd ;))