29 August 2011

a lot of sand

Well, I'm back from Holland and it was wonderful. I actually didn't take that much photos because the beach was very crowded most of the time and the inside of our house was so messy that I didn't dare taking pictures of it, haha. I had a great time, even though the weather could have been better. We actually were quite an attraction on the beach for the guys digged a 3m deep hole on the first day (no kidding. they had a hard time getting out of it) or tried to build a island. Yes, they are insane but that's exactly why I love my nerdy friends.

Ich bin zurück aus Holland und es war wundervoll. Ich hab gar nicht so viele Fotos gemacht, weil am Strand meistens mega viel los war und im Haus so ein Chaos herrschte, dass ich davon keine Bilder machen wollte! Ich hatte wirklich eine großartige Zeit, auch wenn das Wetter hätte besser sein können. Wir waren am Strand immer eine Attraktion, weil die Jungs am ersten Tag ein 3m tiefes Loch gebuddelt haben (Kein Scherz. Sie kamen fast nicht mehr raus) oder versucht haben, eine Insel aufzuschütten. Ja, sie haben den Verstand verloren aber genau deshalb liebe ich meine nerdigen Freunde.

xx Katie

Our house.

The nerdlings at the beach.

Of course we took the cliche silhouette on the beach photos.

Ooops, my boobs look huge in this. They're a lot smaller. Looks so weird.

My love.

They all had a massive sunburn. I didn't. I was a smart girl and put on sun protector, haha.

I didn't edit this one. The light really was this wonderful.


  1. Oh, wow! I've been considering going to Holland as I have a great aunt that lives there!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  2. Oh, beautiful photographs. That one of the beginning of sunset - gorgeous. Glad you had fun! :) x

  3. Such a pretty pictures!! The sky looks so beautiful and stunning! :)

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