15 December 2010

the ability to make people happy

I know a man with that ability. The german ones of you probably know him, too! I am talking about Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen! Doctor, comedian, TV host, book author and many things more.

Jacket + Scarf – Abercrombie&Fitch
Trousers – Topshop
Boots – Bullboxer

I saw him yesterday live in Hachenburg with his latest show "Liebesbeweise" (english: proofs of love / get tickets here). I already loved his books because they really do make happy! I really recommend you to read his books, go to his show oder just listen to a show on CD.
I'd see him live anytime again. It's absolutely worth it!

I bought this program on CD and had a card signed. Take a look.

There is by the way one promised outfit with the Bullboxer boots ! I hope you like it.


  1. I like your outfit....stylish and more importantly WARM!