03 December 2010

norway and ribbons

It's a bad quality, I know. I took that photo with my iPhone because my camera was nowhere to be found...
I love that outfit. It's exactly what I want my style to be like. I absolutely love that Norway design and ribbons are always adorable! It's my favorite skirt and my favorite cardigan and like that it's my favorite outfit! What a surprise. I think I'll take some better pictures some day.

Skirt – Urban Outfitters
Shirt – Hollister Co.
Cardigan – Abercrombie & Fitch
Tights – Falke


  1. why does your iphone take so much better pictures than my does?
    still love your skirt :)

  2. OH du sprichst deutsch - haha dann hätt ich mir
    auch die englische Nachricht auf IFB sparen können :)