14 July 2010

i love new york a.k.a. day one & two

Finally our gorgeous trip started and I already took some nice pictures.
I'll show you some of them which I took yesterday and today.
It's pretty hot here in NY but I love it anyway.

We've landed! And I really look like 8 hours flight. Like crap. Or even worse. Unlike Karl who looks as always.
Dore's house at Baker Place.We needed one and a half hour to get there from JFK airport because aur taxi driver did not know how to get there at all. That was funny.

We had diner at King's Arms. After that we just sat in front of Dore's house. It was warm but not too hot which was pretty awesome.

Faces like crap. Lovely crap, for sure.

Day two. This is the view from the Staten Island Ferry which takes us from Staten Island to Manhattan. I was getting so excited when I saw that. We really walked from Lower Manhatten
to Central Park, just straight up the Broadway and 5th Avenue. I just bought some nice clothes at Topshop and lovely shoes.

Nice and interesting looking building.

Chilling in some Starbucks while it was raining. I've never seen so many Starbucks in my whole life. There is like every 500m one. Seriously.

That was where Broadway and 5th cross. I'm wearing a dress by Bershka, socks by American Apparel, shoes by Bass and a bag by Liebeskind Berlin.

That white thing behind Karl is actually the library! Unfortunately I could not take a photo of it where you can see its beauty. It's where Carry and Big first wanted to get married in the Sex and the City movie.

He wanted me to take that photo. It had something to do with Ghostbusters.

Bye beloved Manhattan. See you tomorrow.

Just playing with my camera. That looks dramatic, doesn't it?
Well, these were the first impressions. It's impossible to show you everything but I can tell you one thing:
It's way more beautiful than you'd ever expect it to be.

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