05 February 2010

A dress reminding me of a cupcake

I love that dress.
It's not as white as it seems on this picture, more rosy, gray - totally nude!
I found it a bit ago in Mainz in a wonderful MANGO Shop and it was love on the first sight!
The belt is about 20 years old! :D My mum once gave it to me when I said that I loved it. She said she doesn't want to have it anyway. Good for me!

I finally watched "Sherlock Holmes" and I have to say, that movie did surprise me! The story was very interesting and eminently good were the details. It was pretty much fun watching it. The movie's directed by Guy Ritchie. I knew he was a director but I never watched one of his movies before! I mean, he was Madonna's husband. Nothing more.
Robert Downey Jr. did a great job as Sherlock Holmes. I liked the way he played him - totally fucked up and somehow weird but nevertheless a brilliant detective. Jude Law convinced me again. He played Watson. Very very interesting was the role of Lord Blackwood. He was the "bad guy" and he did that very very well. He was of such authority. Great.
Another fabulous point is the soundtrack! Hans Zimmer and aome Irish Folk songs - wonderful combination!
This movie's worth watching it!

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