24 February 2010

Spring awakening

Spring is finally arriving! Isn't it wonderful? The snow's melting amazingly fast and I think I've never been happier to see simple grass!
I like what I'm wearing today. Let me show you.

I am completely dressed in H&M. Jeggings, Top and short Cardigan (which I actually stole from my mom's closet).
The cardigan is so sweet! There are many little pearls on it. See!

Isn't that just cute? I edited it a little bit. The original color is brighter.

Well, I promised you to tell you what I think of Twilight and Avatar.
Let's stark with Avatar. I actually liked it which surprised me. The story is totally boring. I mean I could watch Pocahontas. That's essentially shorter and I love it. The effects are great and I loved how they move! That looked amazing. All in all not the best movie ever. No way. But pretty nice.
Well, yes. Twilight. I loved the book. I really did. And as soon as I saw who should play the Cullen's, it was over. It's pretty much the WORST CAST EVER! Edward is just... Why, I hate Pattinson. Jasper is just ugly. But OMG Rosalie! She is supposed to be the prettiest, what am I saying, the most beautiful person in the universe! But her actress looks like a playmate. Cheap. Ugly. I actually think, the perfect Rose would have been the wonderful Blake Lively.

!Just look at her! She is more than beautiful!
Well, I didn't like the movie at all. And the fans drive me crazy. I start hating the books as well because I am so annoyed of this fucking hype about it.
A pity. It really is a pity!

BUT I am so looking forward to Nine, which is a wonderful musical movie and especially Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND! I can't wait to see it.. Next week? Great.

Tonight I have a show. M!K promotion. I didn't sing and dance for a long time and it feels kind of strange doing a show again tonight. Well, we'll see!

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  1. Das mit dem "simple grass" ging mir genau so!
    Es wird echt Zeit...