11 February 2010

Time to leave

WEEKEND! Finally. I am so happy. Because of carnival we all have no school until next Thursday! It's absolutely wonderful 'cause my parents, my love Karl and I are going to beautiful Bavaria. There's this gorgeous hotel named "Sonnenalp" which is probably the best hotel ever. People have sense in style and fashion there! ;)
Maybe I'll tell you what I saw there.

Maybe I'll wear that one evening:

I have to admit, I don't know where I got the dress and the vest. But I hope you like it anyway!

I have two new bags!
A nice clutch bag by Picard ...

and a wonderful big bag by Jost...

I'll take that one for school.

Well, I have to start packing know! When I am back I'll tell you everything interesting. Promise!
Oh, and I will tell you what I think about the much discussed movie "Avatar".

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