04 February 2010

Like being pushed into cold water

Hello Sweethearts!
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This is my actual first entry and I just want to introduce myself.

My Name is Katie, I am 17 years old and I am totally mad about culture! Fashion, music, movies, language. And that is what this blog should be about!

I live in Germany, to be more exact: in Rheinland-Pfalz.
The village I live in is probably the most boring place in this whole world but I grew up here and love it anyway.

Unfortunately the next more or less big cities (is being Koblenz,Mainz Cologne) are at least an hour away. By car.

My absolutely all-time-favorite band is MUSE. I love their music. It's perfect for every mood and I love british music anyway. Furthermore I love love love Musical. I am obsessed with that Genre and I am absolutely sure that there can be no greater holistic artwork.
Lately I am addicted to The Pretty Reckless which is Taylor Momsen's band. There is no album yet but the music you can hear on YouTube is simply great. Love it.

When it comes to music you can always get me with movies made by the master of morbid, contrasts and beauty : Tim Burton! So I am totally looking forward to "Alice in Wonderland" with the perfect Mad Hatter Johnny Depp and furthermore Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hatherway and more.

Well, now I come to one of my biggest obsessions: Gossip Girl. I love everytging about this show. new York, the fashion, the stories, everything. Blake Lively (alias Serena van der Woodsen) is probably one of the most beautiful women of the world.

Yeah well that's it for today.

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